How to fix a broken TV

During the COVID-19 outbreak we were chilling and watching some TV at home. In the middle of an awesome episode of “Say yes to the dress” on TLC the screen suddenly faded and turned black. After a while vertical striped appeared.

My first reaction was “wtf, must be a glitch” so switching channels and turning the TV off and on will certainly help right? Well it didn’t.. what I did learn was that the TV still responded to the remote and there was still sound! But yeah.. let’s do some troubleshooting, first step let’s read theĀ  manual! Luckily we still kept it but when reading it nothing really helped, you get the usual soft/hard reset and thats it. While mailing Sony and the supplier where we got the TV from for any warranty I went on Google to search anything helpful. Some people with the same problem continued to talk about some T-con board. So I began googling the T-con board. I figured out that the TV is nothing more then a screen and some chips that control the screen. T-con board seems to be responsible for showing pixels on the screen. Since sound and the tv still responded on the remote this would indeed be the chip that seems to be dead.

In the meantime I got response from Sony and the supplier. Sony just wanted me to do some more troubleshooting and the supplier said there is nothing he could do since the warranty was expired. Buying the same TV would still be around 500 euro..But then it hit me… I’m an IT engineer! I can fix this myself! So I began removing the back cover of the TV.

Got my screwdriver, some gloves and some good mental focus. I’ve seen that the T-CON board should be under the main board. No problem, just made this picture for myself so I know which cable goes where.. in the end this wasn’t even needed since the cards are not that complex at all. Found the T-CON board and inspect it with my eyes.. nothing weird but alright.. will order a new one! Typed the code over into the interwebz and found some sites that deliver tv-parts. Even located in the Netherlands…splendid!

After a few days I received my new T-CON board and placed it inside the TV. All happy and shit I turned on my TV to see if it was fixed. But nothing.. the LED on TV just blinked green and amber the whole time. I turned off the TV and went on Google again, it seemed that this would mean that the TV is updating and you shouldn’t turn off the TV! Hours later and no result it kept blinking. Finally I read at a forum you could update the firmware by downloading it from the Sony site, put it on a formatted USB-Stick and plug it in the TV. I did the same and went to sleep since the update could take some time. The next morning I walked over to the TV and turned it on. The most beautifull light was reflected into my eyes, it worked! I was so happy! The new T-CON board was 50 euro so we saved over 400 euro!!

The leason that could be learned here is that even though you know nothing about something but with some dedication you can achieve “everything”!


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