How I got free legs space on the plane to Thailand

Before my trip to Thailand began I checked if I could get some extra leg space for in the plane because I’m almost 2 meters long. The airline operator for my trip was Qatar Airways. I logged in on their site and selected “seat map” to select a good seat.

Unfortunately every decent seat with extra leg space was greyed out. Meaning it was already taken or I couldn’t select it because I wasn’t a premium member. So to select the second best seat on the plane I went on google to find some reviews.

I ended up on where I you can see the seat map for a specific plane. Here I learned a little secret. It seemed that the seat map from the QatarAirways website and the seat map of the official plane were different!

The Boeing 777-300ER from Qatar Airways for economy class has a 3-4-3 structure. Only the first two rows of each cabin have a 3-3-3 structure. Meaning that the third row of every cabin has no seat in front of it. On the Qatar Airways this was indicated on seat “G” but on the official seat map it was indicated on seat “D”.

Qatar Airways:

Seatguru official seat map:

So I selected seat 12D in the Qatar seat map. When it was finally time to get into the plane this happened:



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