Dinner vs Supper

So today yet another discussion at work which almost ended in hair pulling and something I’m not comfortable sharing.. It all began when eating lunch.. or dinner.. or supper.. do you see where I’m going for here?

The question was when do you call a meal “dinner”, “lunch”, “breakfast” or “supper”. Apparently in India, it’s a custom to have three major meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner – whereas the breakfast is the biggest meal. Here in the Netherlands it’s called the same but the biggest meal here is dinner. So where is supper? and what do you call your meal that was breakfast but you eat in during the evening? Life questions here..

So instead of explaining it here.. which I probably should.. but #toolazy.. I found this article to do this job for me. Still, here is a nice video about the subject.

Also found that Harvard’s Dialect Survey had the question, “What is the distinction between dinner and supper?”

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