Completed Kotlin for Beginners

Every Android develop knows it by now. Google is supporting Kotlin for the developing for Android. You can’t go around it, you see it in meetups, presentations, demo’s and tutorials. It was time for me to dig into Kotlin myself. I started on the Kotlin website where you can learn Kotlin by doing some excersises. This is great but didn’t motivated me enough to continue doing it.

So after searching the web I found out that Udemy is offering a “Kotlin for Beginners” course for $10. The reviews were good so I signed up.

The first few chapters were easy to follow because this course is targeted at persons that don’t have any programming experience. So when the chapter started about “for” and “while” loops, I could set the speed to 1.50x and would follow it along. I think it was smart to really follow this course from the beginning even though I already have experience in programming because I didn’t want to miss those small little differences between languages.

The content kept getting more interesting along the way. After a subject you will get a little quiz that will trigger if you followed everything correctly. There are even some coding challenges where you are challenged to code a solution in Kotlin. I noted everything down that I found out important and commited all my code example and code challenges on Github.

When you completed the last section you will be rewarded with a certification of completion. It’s real evidence that you have knowledge about the fundamentals of Kotlin.

I would recommend this course for everybody that wants to start Kotlin from scratch.

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