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It was almost the end of 2017. I didn’t want to close this year without the feeling of achieving something big that could help my career as a developer. On paper I call myself an Android Developer even though I never did an exam for this. After googling around I found out that Google is providing an exam to become an Associate Android Developer.

The Exam

I was doubting to take this exam. I was only an “Android Developer” for 2 years and felt like I could learn so much more. When I looked at the exam content the doubt was growing even more. Most of the topics I have touched, but some clearly not in dept. The price wasn’t helping me neither. 149 dollars.

I tried to google around and read about other developers experience with this exam. It seemed they could handle it just fine. And to make things a bit brighter, you can try the exam three times before failing and re-buy the exam. The year was ending… I just went for it… I planned a date that I was free and could develop the whole day. It was 27 December 2017.

After buying it you can download the exam. You have 24h to complete the exam and submit all the code back to Google. Don’t get confused by other people with how many hours you have. I got this in my mail:

Please note: The submission deadline changed from 48 hrs. to 24 hrs. on August 17, 2017. If you gained access to the Associate Android Developer Certification exam on or before August 16, 2017, you have 48 hrs. per submission attempt. Please disregard the timestamp indicating 24 hrs. If you have questions, please email

I was surprised that the exam itself wasn’t that “big”. You are replacing some developer in a company. You need to finish some new features, fix some bugs and do some testing. After a few hours I felt confident enough that I could complete this exam and I did!

After submitting you are asked to do a ID verification (I did drivers license) and you are asked to make a selfie. I was all set and waited for Google to review my code. Only after 3 days I got an e-mail saying I passed the review session!

The Interview

In the same e-mail you are asked to schedule an exit interview. This interview will be held to see if you are indeed the person that you claim and that you are the person that wrote the code. After scheduling the meeting, which I could 3 days later, I was waiting…nervously.

I didn’t knew what to expect and there was so little information about it on the internet. So right before the interview I looked at my own code again and read everything carefully.

The interview had three main parts:

  • ID verification

By asking your name, e-mail address and ID.

  • Proof that you did the project

By asking what the project was and what the biggest challenge was.

  • Basic Android knowledge

By asking some random Android fundamentals questions like “name 2 of this .. ”

I got through the interview quite well and was told to wait for approx 2 weeks to get the results.

The result

After only a few days I got mail saying the following

I passed !!

I checked my spam folder and it was indeed there. A mail that pointed to my digital badge. I added it to my LinkedIn and shared it on social media. Now lets see how much impact it has on my career!

Have a look at my certificate here.


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