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Completed Kotlin for Beginners

Every Android develop knows it by now. Google is supporting Kotlin for the developing for Android. You can’t go around it, you see it in meetups, presentations, demo’s and tutorials. It was time for me to dig into Kotlin myself. I started on the Kotlin website where you can learn Kotlin by doing some excersises. […]

Associate Android Developer

It was almost the end of 2017. I didn’t want to close this year without the feeling of achieving something big that could help my carreer as a developer. On paper I call myself an Android Developer even though I never did an exam for this. After googling around I found out that Google is […]

Mockito for Dummies

During my daily development I can’t think of a day where I don’t use Mockito in my test cases. It then surprises me that some Android developers don’t feel the need to use a mocking framework. I made this blog post for those that maybe don’t exactly know that Mockito offers. What is a Mock? […]